Creativity vs Procrastination (AKA as the one where, against all odds, Emily at last started a blog)


Welcome to this, a most original topic, with which I start this blog.

Procrastination is a tricky thing, mostly due it’s highly illogical nature. It makes very little sense to put off things that we need to do, as it almost always creates more stress in the end, and usually (at least in my own cases) a lot of stress along the way. And yet still we procrastinate, and constantly have to create new ways to fool ourselves into doing the work that we need to do.

I am an absolutely horrific procrastinator, in that I put off everything, even things I want to do. I have had a million perfectly achievable ideas for projects that have not even started to grow wings – never mind lift off the ground – and purely due to my own inability to motivate myself in anyway. Now, I’m not here to provide any solutions for this, there are a million blogs and vlogs and books and podcasts and ancient scrolls and words whispered into your ear in the dead of night that have plenty of suggestions for how to procrastinate less. I guess my only intention here is to say that this blog is living testimony that procrastination isn’t eternal.

This year my hope is to conquer my procrastinating demons, and this blog is my first project for achieving this goal. I hope that you’ll join me on this journey, whatever it ends up being.

See you again soon,